IMG_2053Have you ever noticed how some events generate a lot of buzz among guests? While you may have mastered orchestrating a well-executed event, it is possible you are overlooking some great opportunities to create excitement.

Top event planners know the key to unforgettable events is logoed promotional gifts before, during and after the big day. The following tips are sure to leave your guests talking about their experiences long after your event is over!

Pre-Event: Get attendees pumped!

Whether your event is being held for participants who opt to attend or employees who are required to participate, you’ll have many factors to consider (besides budget) when selecting a pre-event gift.

Is everyone eager to attend the event? Build excitement by placing an imprinted countdown clock on their desks (after hours) reflecting the days remaining until the event kicks off.

At Event: Wow Them On Site

Avoid empty chairs at afternoon sessions! Remind your audience that you appreciate their involvement – especially when a lush golf course or sparkling pool is nearby – by periodically surprising them with thank-you gifts. Here are a few opportunities to earn some favorable remarks: