IMG_3862Before you know it, companies will start planning their corporate event parties for the coming holidays. These parties are usually done on behalf of the employees to spark moral and teamwork. So you are probably wondering how to plan a corporate event party? Well, a good rule of thumb is to start the planning stages 4-6 months prior to the date. If you are anticipating over 125 guests, then you will require more resources and this time frame should be stretched from 6-9 months instead. Depending on your corporate culture will determine the way you go about planning a unique corporate bash

Location Location Location Going back to the guest list, you will first need to figure out how many guests will be in attendance. This will limit you with choices for a venue. If you are a larger regional or global corporation then you may need audio, visual, and hotel meeting space.

Hire the Right Team A team of professional vendors will be able to execute your vision without hesitation. A good question to ask your self is, ‘how am I trying to leave an impact on at this party’? Regardless of the answer, your vendors including caterer, guest speakers, and entertainment are an extension of your reputation. A poor selection of vendors may leave a bad impression on your guests including those in management. This is the second most important area to invest your time and energy because it is the small details that can make or break a corporate event.
Pick a Spontaneous Theme Do you remember your last past at your company from any of the previous years? If you have to think for more than ten seconds, then the planning committee did not do their job. When you sell or market a product, you have to establish an identity for your brand, and likewise when you plan and execute a successful party, you need to create a theme centered on your company